Greetings! Welcome to my website.

Presenting at UltraHack, 91springboard, New Delhi
I take interest in cyber-physical systems that help expand our knowledge of the universe through space exploration and enhance quality of life.

AGL-All Member Meeting 2023 Talk, Berlin, Germany

  • I like to have conversations about Cosmology, Physics and Psychology since these subjects intrigue me; thinking about aiding humans as a species to explore and increase our understanding of the universe, the possibility being able to conduct experients in hostile environments with the help of robots, and leading to helpful innovations along the way, gives me a reason to continue to do what I strive to do.

  • I have worked on various projects as an undergraduate engineering student, and gained experience in Robotics Software Engineering, Deep Learning - Vision, IoT, Cross Platform Mobile Application development using Flutter, Network Engineering and Automation, and Project Management.

  • Contact: email or social media handles here

Mapping an unknown environment. The climbing robot LEMUR rests after scaling a cliff in Death Valley, California. The robot uses special gripping technology that has helped lead to a series of new, off-roading robots that can explore other worlds. Credits: NASA/JPL-Caltech
Credits: NASA/JPL-Caltech. NASA: For Climbing Robots, the Sky's the Limit

All of humanity on a pale blue dot in the cosmos.

With our Legged Robot at Space Robotics Group, Keio University, Japan. (2024)   HashHack: Coding and building our device. (2018) After winning the first challenge at JEMARO days. (2023)   SIH-2019: Coding Phase! (2019)

Hobbies & Interests:

My Telescope   
  • Open Source Software Development

  • Stargazing (I use a 6-inch Celestron Newtonian Reflector)

  • Reading

  • Physics, Cosmology

  • Cognitive Psychology

  • Learning Languages (Current: Italian, Japanese, German)

  • Music

  • Cooking