Hi there! I am Aman Arora.

Presenting at UltraHack, 91springboard, New Delhi
I take interest in cyber-physical systems that help enhance our knowledge of the universe and quality of life.

  • Currently, I am a JEMARO-EMJMD (Japan-Europe Master on Advanced Robotics Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Program) M.Sc. Student at the DIBRIS, University of Genoa, Italy. I am also an individual open source contributor at Automotive Grade Linux, The Linux Foundation.

  • *See my recent talk on my GSoC 2022 work (continued) given at AGL-All Member Meeting Spring 2023 at Vienna House Andel’s, Berlin, Germany on YouTube.

AGL-All Member Meeting 2023 Talk, Berlin, Germany
  • My current (applied) research interests are in Autonomous Systems for Space Exploration.

  • I have worked on numerous projects as an undergraduate engineering student, and have gained experience in Robotics Software Engineering, Deep Learning - Vision, IoT, Cross Platform Mobile Application development using Flutter, Network Engineering and Automation, and Project Management.

  • I also fancy Cosmology, Physics and Psychology since these subjects intrigue me and give me a reason to continue to do what I strive to do.

  • Contact: email or social media handles here

Mapping an unknown environment.
All of humanity on a pale blue dot in the cosmos.

Presenting Demo at Innovaccer Hackercamp-18, Noida.   HashHack: Coding and building our device. Speaking at an IETE event.   Coding the Flutter App. That was fun!

Hobbies and Interests:

My Telescope   
  • Stargazing (I use a 6-inch Celestron Newtonian Reflector)

  • Reading

  • Cognitive Psychology

  • Physics, Cosmology

  • Music

  • Cooking (quite recent…)