Aman Arora

GSoC Weekly Update: Community Bonding Period

This post will briefly cover: Some issues I encountered while building the AGL Image Reading docs, understanding concepts, noting required dependencies Minor contributions/fixes to documentation Current tasks in progress?? For the project proposal, visit here. The Community Bonding Period of GSoC was extremely helpful in setting me up for the next few weeks where I will be working on my project. The AGL Weekly Developer meetings are where we get all the updates regarding issues and development on the various ongoing projects within AGL.

GSoC 2022 :: The Linux Foundation :: Proposal

Contact Information Name: Aman Arora E-Mail: aman.arora9848@gmail.com Country: India (GMT+5:30) Address: Panchkula, Haryana, India GitHub Username: amanarora9848 IRC Nick: amanarora9848 LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/aman-arora9848/ Google Doc Link of the Proposal Introduction I am Aman Arora, a graduate Electronics and Communication Engineer from Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology. I have previously worked at Apple India as a Network Automation Engineer, where I helped drastically reduce the MTTR (Minimum Time to Resolve) of the organization-wide network-infrastructure-related Incidents by creating scalable automation solutions.

The kick-start and the end-game of the universe

I might not be able to cover anything related to Tony Stark’s whereabouts or the birth of the legendary Thanos or perhaps the generation of the infinity stones, but I may be able to give a curious lay-man some insights into the cosmological timeline of the universe, that too in-short. (Come-on, you can let me play a bit with the title, “Origin and Fate of the Universe” is too much in use!